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What is Camp, Clinic & Tournament Insurance?
RPS Bollinger's Camp, Clinic & Tournament Program provides a combination of Accident and Liability Insurance to cover the typical exposures of these types of events. Accident Medical Insurance protects participants in case they are injured during your sponsored activities. General Liability protects you and your organization in the event of a liability claim or lawsuit arising out of your events.


The Insurance provider for this program is Markel Insurance Company, Glen Allen, VA. Markel is a leading provider in Sports Insurance programs, and the company is rated "A, X11" by A.M. Best's rating service.


What Types of Claims are Covered?
Some of the common claims that occur during camp, clinic or tournament activities are:

  • A participant falls while running down the field and breaks a leg. Direct injuries to participants during your event are covered by the Accident Medical Insurance plan. This claim would be covered by the policy on an excess basis, subject to the deductible.
  • Coverage Your camp has a free-swim period just before lunch and one of the participants gets hurt while diving into the pool. The parents claim the injury was caused by lack of supervision and they sue you and the coach on duty for negligence. You would be protected for this type of claim under the General Liability policy.
  • During your soccer tournament, a ball is accidentally kicked into the window of a neighboring home, breaking the window. This claim for property damage would be covered by the General Liability policy.
  • A spectator is walking to the concession stand and slips on the pavement. The injury requires emergency medical attention, including stitches. This injury to a spectator who was not a player or participant in your event activities, would be covered under the Medical Payments portion of the General Liability policy.


What is not Covered?
Some of the exclusions under this program are:

  • Claims arising out of activities that take place outside the scope of your event
  • Claims caused by sickness or bodily illness
  • Claims involving trampolines
  • Transportation of participants or players

Claims alleging or involving sexual abuse and molestation. Sexual Abuse Liability may be purchased based on underwriting approval by RPS Bollinger. Policies including sexual abuse liability cannot be purchased online.


Policy Limits

General Liability  
Liability per occurrence $1 million
Participant Liability (incl. in above) $1 million
Aggregate (per policy period) $3 million
Personal Injury / Advertising Injury $1 million
Products / Completed Operations $1 million
Fire Legal Liability $100,000
Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability Excluded (unless specially requested &
  underwritten by RPS Bollinger)
Med Pay to Others (non-participants) $5,000
Deductible $0
Accident Medical  
Accident Medical / Dental $100,000 per injury
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $5,000
Chiropractic & Physical Therapy $2,000 (up to $50 max per visit)
Deductible $0 (regardless of primary insurance that
  may apply)
Full excess basis  
52 week benefit period  

Note: This is a general description of the policy coverages and does not alter or broaden the actual terms and conditions that apply.


Cost of Coverage
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Note: State and local surcharges and taxes may apply to the General Liability portion of these policies in Florida, Kentucky and New Jersey.


How are Claims Handled?
To contact Bollinger's Sports Claims department, call toll-free: 866.267.0093.

For Liability Claims, please send an Incident Report to RPS Bollinger for any serious injuries or property damage that you feel may give rise to a liability claim or lawsuit. Click here for an Incident Report. If you receive a lawsuit or legal papers relating to a liability claim, please forward those directly to:

RPS Bollinger - Sports & Leisure
Attn: Claims Deptartment
PO Box 1322
Morristown, NJ 07960

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