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Equipment Insurance Description
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Equipment owned by a league or association is protected against loss, including fire and theft. Coverage applies up to the full replacement cost value of each piece of equipment, subject to policy limit. Standard items covered on an equipment policy include goals, uniforms, playing equipment, portable scoreboards, field maintenance equipment, etc.

Limit: Replacement cost value of your equipment
Deductible: $500 per claim, Rate .0150
$1000 per claim, Rate .0140
Minimum Premium: $100.00
Limit: Replacement Cost Value of Equipment

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Equipment Insurance offers protection for:

  • Losses, including fire and theft.
  • Damage to equipment permanently kept at the athletic field.
  • Vandalism of league equipment.
  • Full replacement cost value of each piece of equipment (subject to policy limits).

What is covered by the Equipment Insurance policy?

  • Sports or office equipment, or other items used by the league that are not permanently installed.
  • Jerseys, balls, bats, etc.
  • Concession Stands/Sheds
  • Desktop Computers, Copiers
  • Electronic Scoreboards

What is not covered?

  • There is no coverage for items or equipment that is loaned or given out to players, volunteers, coaches or others.
  • Mysterious disappearance.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Inventory shortages.
  • Loss of money or securities (can be covered under the Crime Insurance Plan).

A completed inventory list (including each item and its replacement cost value) must accompany this application in order for coverage to be bound. You will be asked to provide a detailed description (name, make, style/model, serial #) of all individual items over $2500 in value upon checkout.

Note: State surcharges and taxes may apply in Florida, Kentucky and New Jersey. This calculation will be made upon checkout and will be reflected in the total billed to you. If you have questions regarding these surcharges, please contact RPS Bollinger at 1-800-446-5311.

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